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Friday, July 4, 2014

I made a batch of lemon bars this evening.  Tomorrow is my daughter, Shellie's, birthday and since she is up north at my son's "retreat" 4 wheeling and fishing with my two grandkids and him, I am bringing some lunch up for them and these are one of her favorites.  I am going to attempt to make a tutorial along with the recipe as I am hoping to make this into a "paperless" cookbook for whoever may want to use it in the future..I can hear the fireworks outside my office window..maybe I will catch a glimpse of them as I do this!

Here is a link to the recipe:

First I gather all my ingredients.

Mixing the crust portion of the recipe:

Getting the lemon layer ready:

then after cooled dusting it with the powdered sugar and when cooled completely..I refrigerate them..cutting them into squares and
watching them disappear.. 


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  1. My favorite picture is the one of grating the lemon.