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Sunday, July 27, 2014

No Knead Dutch Oven Bread

I had been looking for a second stoneware bowl by Pampered Chef for quite a while because I like making a rustic bread recipe I found, and recently my friend, Michelle Foard, found me one.  She didn't know there were 2 sizes and it ended up being the bigger was a great price and basically brand new, so I as thrilled as I had the stoneware lid that fit it and is needed to bake the bread in the oven with it.  Anyway, long story short, I am experimenting making the bread by doubling the recipe today to see if I can make one large loaf with it..wish me luck!  You don't have to use these bowls, in fact they don't even make them anymore, but you should use something the same size/shape or you will end up with a flat loaf of bread and not rounded to make slices of bread..the smaller size Pampered Chef bowl/roaster is perfect for one recipe below.

Here is the large bowl she got me and a picture with the baking dish/lid I already had.  The small bowl also has a matching roaster/lid piece.  If you can find one in decent shape they are really nice to have for a variety of uses..wish they'd start making them again!

Here is what the bread looks like when done (picture previously taken when using the small set..

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  1. Excited to see how it turns out! So glad I found that for you and at a steal no less! :)