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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Italian Sausage and Broccoli Pasta

My Supervisor, Kim, took a two week vacation to Italy recently and when she was there she stayed some of the time with her sister-in-law who would cook for them at times.  One of the last days she made this pasta dish and Kim posted it saying it was one of her favorites.  I asked for the recipe and her hostess was kind enough to share it so I made it tonight.  It was great!  I did a few changes that I will put in parentheses because I was scared of putting white wine in it (not much on wine in food) and I used half hamburger and half mild Italian sausage because I like Italian sausage a little but not a ton of it in my food either.  I couldn't find her cheese she used either, so just substituted a 3 cheese Italian blend instead.

Here is the recipe:

I just sautéed garlic in olive. I used about 2 minced garlic cloves and added a little finely diced onion. Then I added ground sausage. I used about half a lb each of hamburger and mild Italian sausage.  I let it cook through and added about a cup of wine. I used chicken stock. I cooked it till the wine evaporated half way. In the mean time I boiled water with salt added. Once it boiled I added fresh broccoli and let it cook till it was soft. I used a smaller bag of frozen chopped broccoli. Once soft, I scooped out broccoli and added it to the sausage mixture keeping the broccoli water in pot to then cook orecchiette pasta in.  I used about 8 ounces of pasta)  I smashed broccoli with a potato masher and let it cook some more in the pan with the sausage. I cooked the pasta as directed on the package. Then I mixed everything together and added a loooooot of pecorino cheese to it. I couldn't find this cheese, so used a small tub, maybe 1 cup,  of Italian 3 cheese blend.  Voila’!

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Second set of washcloths for Yvonne's birthday

I finished my second sister's washcloths for her birthday today.  This set went way slower because life keeps taking up my time!  This set I am calling "Pretty in Pink" because Yvonne likes rose, mauve and pinks a lot.  I used the same pattern as the previous set because I really like the bumpy effect.  I chained 32 for this set, the last one I used 36, but really like the size of these.  I can't believe the original pattern called for 46!  They must have been huge!  I don't like really big cotton cloths, once they are wet they weigh a ton and are hard to manage, I think.  Anyway, one more set for my 3rd sister whose birthday is the 2nd of September, so I have some time.  Have a crochet project to make for my daughter Shellie some king-sized pillow shams for her bed first though.  She brought the yarn over for them about a month ago I keeps getting in the way!

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Pad Thai Salad


1 pad thai kit with the noodles and sauce packet included (discard oil packet if included), save seasoning packet.

Prepared noodles as per package instructions.

Combine the noodles (cut up a little smaller)
1-2 packages of mixed salad greens (I like the spring mix style)
a handful of mixed nuts or peanuts chopped up)
2 chicken breasts that have been cooked and seasoned with ginger and salt and pepper-then diced in bite sized pieces)
a handful of fresh pea pods that have been washed, deveined, and chopped up

(optional: chopped scrambled egg, fresh chopped mushrooms, bean sprouts etc)


In a small saucepan combine and stir until sugar is dissolved:
4 TBSPS white vinegar
3 TBSPS white sugar
1 TBSP MSG (ACCENT) optional
1-1/2 tsps salt
1/4 tsp pepper

Add the reserved pad thai seasoning packet and 1/2 cup vegetable oil and either whisk well or use a blender and combine well.  Pour over salad part at a time and toss until well coated, but not soggy.

Serve immediately as the lettuce will wilt.

Malia Bag for Net's Birthday Present

I crocheted a bag for Annette's birthday and gave it to her today at a little get together with some of the family at Khan's.  (her choice) We had a nice time visiting..Kim gave her a nice yellow wallet that matches so she has a whole yellow set!  The pattern was a "crochet-a-long" from one of my bloggers I follow.  I think I started it in mid February and then was given 3 different parts of the bag each week thereafter.  Tons of people did it and are on their 6th bag, but I just finished this one.  She said she's going on vacation to South Dakota next month some time so she is taking it there for sure. 

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Wash or Dish Cloths for a gift

I am going to be starting a new crochet project next week, so decided to make some wash/dish cloths for my sister Karen for her birthday in April.  We don't always share birthday gifts, but sometimes we do, and I think these are nice cloths.  The pattern is bumpy on one side and smooth on the other, good for showering or dishes I think.  I finished the pink one today and will make 3 altogether to bundle up and tie with a ribbon to send her.  The next one will be yellow and not sure what the 3rd will be of the colors in the picture.  I actually like the deep brown for some reason, although I like all the colors.  They are kind of fun to make; I can watch a movie or TV and not have to concentrate that much.  I think she will like them too with the pretty colors.

I got her bundle done, I am calling it the Neapolitan collection..I think it turned out pretty.

A Big Fluffy Afghan

I saw a posting on one of my blogs of this afghan that a lady (Purple Poncho) made for her daughter.  I fell in love with the cushiness of it and went out and bought the yarn the next day and got started on it.  Even though I didn't work on it for the month of February it was still one of the fastest afghan's I have ever made.  I thought about leaving it all cream and putting fringe on two of the ends, but after thinking about it and people telling me the fringe gets all funky and tangled when you wash it, I decided to put a border on it instead.  I found one of the colors for this brand with gray, beige and cream and went for it.  In life it looks more muted and lighter gray than this picture.  Anyway it was lots of fun to make and is super soft and it!

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Ina Gartin's Ice Box Cake for a birthday for a coworker

It was my turn (January) to bring a dessert or treat to work for a coworker's birthday Monday.  She requested something chocolate, and to be honest I don't mind chocolate, but it's not my favorite..too rich sometimes for me.  I am a fruity dessert girl.  Soooo, after wracking my brain for a while I found this recipe for an icebox mocha chocolate dessert from Ina Gartin's site.  fluffy, pillowy mousse layered with chocolate chip cookies..what more could you want?  I make chocolate curls from Ree Drummonds site and it was a big hit.  You can find both recipes online.  I only changed the cookies to a Walmart brand because her brand wasn't readily available.  This recipe would be so easy to change up to any flavor and use different cookies, like the thin chocolate wafery ones, or shortbread cookies etc.  It is super simple to fact I think easier than making a real cake!  It was a show stopper and big hit!