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Saturday, July 5, 2014

Shellie's Birthday at Joe's Retreat

Today we went on a little road trip to bring a picnic birthday lunch for Shellie's birthday at Joe's retreat up by Sturgeon Lake.  They had been spending their time 4-wheeling and celebrating the 4th of July with grandkids Kyle and Sami.  I had made the lemon bars yesterday and cut up some watermelon and fruit dip, so made the fixings for taco salad (one of Shellie's favorites) to put together when we got there..well, the trip is only about 1-1/2 hours if you go straight there..we never go straight there.  First Dave had to stop and get his tobacco (rolls his cigarettes out in his man-cave pole barn), then had to get gas, then I had preordered chicken at the Brass Rail in Grandy to take so we had to stop there, and last of all we had to stop at the wayside rest  just before Sturgeon Lake because Joe's retreat is still very rustic..guess I don't need to say more on that note.  It's a work in progress, but is a beautiful big lot that is nice and quiet and relaxing (all of the family has lots of Christmas gift ideas for him now!).  Anyway, it was one of the nicest days we've had so far, blue skies, nice breeze and 80, so the drive and visiting was a good way to spend the day with Shellie.  Here are some pictures of the day..Shellie is the one with the cake and one candle!

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