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Sunday, July 13, 2014

German Chocolate Cake

My sister, Diane, is coming out this afternoon for a little break from helping her daughter move into her new home in St Paul, so I decided to make a German chocolate cake to have with coffee while we chat.  I haven't made one of these for forever, but had been thinking about it for a few weeks now.  It turned out pretty nice, although I skimped on the bottom layer of the 3 so it didn't ooze out to show in the picture like I would have I said it's been ages since I made this and didn't know how far the frosting would go..believe me there is plenty to lavish it on there..the top is definitely thick with frosting!  I took a few pictures of the steps to show you in case you haven't made one of these before.  It is not the quickest cake to make and definitely has some extra steps not in a regular run of the mill cake, but it's sooo good, especially if you are a chocolate, caramel, coconut, pecan kind of girl like me! 

Here is the recipe link:,1872,144189-247199,00.html





  1. I did not know you made it from scratch! Bet it was scrumptious!! (the last picture is my favorite in this group by the way)

  2. This is my favorite cake! Looks very good and I love the step by step pics too : )