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Saturday, April 4, 2015

Krispy Easter Eggs

I was watching "The Pioneer Woman" show last weekend and she was making these Krispy Easter Eggs.  I just thought the kids would get a real kick out of them because they are cute, and also because they have a Cadbury chocolate egg surprise inside, so I had to make them!  Today was the day.  The hardest part was trying to not get the rice krispie mix stuck to your fingers, but cooking spray did help with that part.  It would have been fun to have some kids around to put the sprinkles on them so you could kick them out faster, thus only 12 of them instead of the 24 they could have been..the rest went in a pan to cut up for chomping on whenever.  Won't post the recipe because it's on her site under the same title.  (you just use a plastic little egg that you hide treats in for the mold).

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