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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Hobby Lobby Road Trip

I have been repeatedly reading posts on some of my crochet sites about Hobby Lobby Craft Store, so today I am jumping on the band wagon and taking a road trip to see what the hype is all about.  Minnesota has only about 4 of them, that I know of, around the state, and the closest one for me is 31 miles away, but it's fairly nice out today, cool of course (Minnesota after all and not July yet) and not really warm enough to leave the windows open to start my painting projects or work outside, so this is the perfect time to go.  I am excited to see what they have to offer, but also kind of hoping it's not that great so I don't want to repeatedly go since it's not really a quick trip to get there and back.  BUT, I am trying to experience new things these days and force myself to do things I have been putting aside because it's easier to just stay home, so here I go!  Update to come later today on what I discover in the wondrous world of Hobby Lobby...!!

4 hours later...
I loved it!  I thought the prices were reasonable, the yarn was nice and lots of color choices etc and I had fun.  I also found out that they are making one in a mall (Northtown) that is a lot closer and more convenient for me, so now I am really happy, which means I had a successful road trip.  Now to get busy using some of my yarn and fabric I bought!

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