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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Cooking and Craft Day

Well today was one of those days that I did a little of this and a little of that.  First I added a few rows to my ongoing CAL afghan..

During which time I did laundry, bedding and towels mainly, and baked some toll house cookies because the men who eat here have been whining that they wanted some.. (one batch was "overdone" due to above crocheting and not paying attention)

and in between that I made the marinated steak and Pico de Gallo for these Carne Asada tacos that I grilled and had for supper for the above mentioned men..Dave and Joe, although I was mad because the white corn tortillas from Reisers that I bought were crumbly messes! DON'T buy them.  I should have used my normal soft flour tortillas.  They were good, but ended up being a salad and not a taco. NEXT TIME..LOL
anyway, it was kind of a successful day, although I didn't get started cleaning closets like I vowed I was going to do today..guess it will have to wait until my next day off..oh wait, I am going shopping that day..well maybe the day after my next day off. 

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