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Friday, April 17, 2015

Back from a badly needed vacation

My son, Joe, and I decided this was the year we would finally take the vacation we had talked about for 3 years.  We both wanted to go to Florida, see my sister, Karen, and her family and hit Universal Studios.  I had been there once years ago, but he had never been there and they had added on their Harry Potter exhibits that even I had never seen previously.  We're both Potter fans, so decided we needed to go before I was too decrepitated to get around the's a good thing we did because once I got there I barely survived..tons of walking and stair climbing, but somehow my will prevailed and I made it, not one day, but two!  I am sure it will be my last time going there though.. I am glad I was awesome.  I did most the rides, with a scraped up knee and a bitten lip to prove it.  They are some crazy rides!  almost to the extreme.  We had a good time though, visiting, eating, getting out to the ocean, Cocoa Beach, seeing their pet alligators and other strange little creatures, heard about the 7 foot long yellow rat snake my sister had fall from a tree into her yard, celebrating her 60th birthday and lots of other adventures..again, so glad we went this year. 

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