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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Annette's Birthday Party Celebration Day

Today should be an all around good day.  First of all it's my day off!!! a plus right there.  Second, it's a sunny, somewhat warm, day in Minnesota in April..another big time plus, and thirdly, it's the day we are celebrating my "adopted" daughter, Annette's 40th birthday at Khan's tonight.  Her real birthday was last Saturday, but she likes to celebrate and celebrate her birthdays so she was busy with her friends at that time, so we made our celebration for tonight.  (don't worry, this is not the end, she has about two weeks left of events scheduled).  so far though I have been cleaning out the kitchen fridge.  Not a lot of fun.  For about a week it had this funky smell, like spilled pickle juice, but after a thorough check and throw out of any possible culprits, I still couldn't figure it out, so today it was a complete rip down and wash down that took most of my morning.  If that doesn't do it, it's going to be pull out the fridge time for the guys and make sure that doesn't produce any unforeseen problems.  Of course, Dave "can't smell anything", but I promise I am not going crazy, on this one at least!  We'll see wha the results are after the door has been shut for a while..."I'll get you, my nasty!"  Well anyway, onto the events of the afternoon/evening..hopefully they will be a more pleasant reading experience.  I'll post pics if I remember my camera..

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