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Monday, August 17, 2015

Raspberry and Dark Chocolate Scones

My niece, Jacqui, had a friend at work who wanted to make scones so asked me about these (I had made them for my sister, Karen, and her when they were up a few years ago to visit the Minnesota family and they liked them a lot. I had also made them for work years ago and they had the same reaction, so I decided to post the recipe on here in case I lost it and wanted to make them again for something..I have so many papers all over the place that I could very well see that happening!  Here goes..they are really quite simple if you follow the directions carefully.  If using frozen berries just make sure you have them thawed and drained on paper towels before starting..the cold butter is important to keep them light and flaky.  I use a pasty blender when mixing it together..

Here is the link:


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