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Sunday, August 2, 2015

Getting Back to Work on Sophie (hopefully)

I had been stuck for a long while on my crochet project on row 65.  For some reason I just couldn't wrap the directions or the tutorial around my head and it wanted to throw it in the garbage, but being that I am a miser on some things, I just couldn't see wasting all the time and money I have put into it so it kept sitting in my office staring at me and daring me to get back to work on it.  Today, since I have other projects (in fact a million projects) that need to get done and all these unfinished projects are playing with my mind and making me anxious, I decided to try again to figure it out ad move past this stalemate.  I did it!  I could finally see what my issue was, and luckily it was something I could just fudge over and it went just fine from that point on.  I actually finished that row and did another one!  I am so proud of myself!  Only 48 rows left to do now..(only??) but at least my hopes are up that I will indeed someday finish it now!

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