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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Carrot Pickle Relish

I ran out of my pickle relish that I use on hotdogs, hamburgers and cold noodle salads about a month or so ago and I have been lost, so I decided I'd better make some before the winter snows start falling and I don't have any for another year.  I'd be lost without it..I use it a lot and my son, especially, loves it on hotdogs.  A few years ago I had him over, as a matter of fact, to help me grind all the vegetables with old fashioned hand grinder, so he went and bought me an electric one..guess he wanted the relish, but wasn't fond of grinding vegetables?  Anyway, I finally used it today and it seems to be's a little finer of a grind then with the hand one though, so we'll see what I think of the final product.  Right now the mix is sitting under canning salt for 2 hours, and then it's finish it out with the brine and seal it up in hot jars.  It's really not a hard recipe, just kind of takes up your day.  Here's the recipe..

CARROT PICKLE RELISH: (use your largest size grinder fitting)
6 cups of ground up, fresh from the garden, washed and ends removed, medium (not large-you don't want big seeds in your relish-gross) cucumbers. 

3 cups of peeled fresh carrots ground

3 cups of yellow onions, ground

3 green peppers, washed, seeds and membranes removed, ground

Mix all veggies together in a large bowl, sprinkle top with canning salt.  Let stand 2 hours (covered with plastic wrap, then drain thoroughly.  (I used a colander and push on it to get all the water out in smaller batches. 

Boil together until dissolved for 5 minutes:
4 cups sugar
4 cups white vinegar
1 teaspoon mustard seed
1 teaspoon celery seed
1 teaspoon turmeric

Add drained cucumber mixture and cook 1/2 hour on low simmer.  seal in hot jars (I put washed and rinsed 1/2 pint jars in a canner of hot water and pull them out as I fill them so they are really hot, then apply a warm lid and ring and twist tightly, put on a flat bath towel and don't disturb them until they have sealed.  (the lid should have sucked in and made a popping sound..can take a little while). 

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