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Monday, August 17, 2015

My adaptation of The Enchanted Garden Tote Bag

I decided to add another crochet project to my already pile of unfinished projects.  It's called The Enchanted Garden Tote bag, but I am going to adapt it along the way.  I am making the front panel the same, but you are supposed to make two, one for the front and one for the back, and I really don't care for that,  plus you are supposed to make granny squares for the sides of the tote and I don't really like that either, so I am going to make panel with variegated matching yarn for the sides and bottom and either a black or yellow back panel and line it with cloth with pockets etc in it.  you are supposed to use a mesh tote bag to sew it to, but I am going to make basically my own bag to attach it to.  Anyway, tonight  realized I wasn't going to have quite enough cream yarn to finish it, so I had to order more.  It's the only yarn that I bought online and they don't sell it in our stores in the U.S..of course!  I might have enough for another row and then I switch again to yellow, so I can maybe do a few more rows.  eeekkk!  Right when I was on a roll too!  Oh well, such is life..
This all that is left..see the picture alongside it!

panel is finished!  am thinking it would be a really pretty pillow?  We'll decide soon...

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