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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Korean BBQ Burrito Bowl

I tried this new recipe today and it's a 5 star recipe, so sharing it.  It's packed with flavor and has a little heat to it, but not the super spicy overwhelming flavors I can't handle.  My grown son, Joe ate two hearty bowls of it and took another one for his lunch at work tomorrow.  It has a lot of steps, but none are hard and you cook the pork in the slow cooker.  It's super moist and tender/tasty.  I would even cook a pork roast alone with American sides because it's not distinctively Asian, just good.  I am not sure if this link will work for you, but if not just do a search for Korean BBQ Burrito Bowl by fabtastic and you will find it.  It does make a lot of servings and I had pork left that I am using for BBQ pork sandwiches tomorrow..

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