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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Alana Needs a New T-Shirt Quick

Alana is going to a "teeny" rage concert tonight for someone I have never heard anything about..anyway, when a girl her age goes to a concert, guess what? they need a T-shirt.  Since it was just decided she could go, and the concert is tonight, plus the shirts are only available online and cost at a base price of $15 plus shipping, Kim picked up a T-shirt at Walmart last night for $3 and her and I made transfers for it today on my day off for a few hours.  It turned out really cute (per Alana and her mom) and can't wait to see her in it.  I guess this person is a "comedian" style performer, but sings?  It sounds like it's in the early teen fan club spotlight.  I am getting sooo old, I think I will pass on even trying to figure this one will most likely be old news really soon anyway and why stress my brain..LOL.

 Here is the front and back of our creation..(guess this is something the performer says on a regular basis..again ???

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