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Sunday, September 7, 2014

I haven't had much time to post these last few weeks between trips with the grandkids and now a trip with the 5th wheeler to Colorado with my husband, Dave, and "his" dog, Annie.  We went through the Blackhills, then Wyoming and to the Rocky Mountains in Colorado..specifically Colorado Springs, Cripple Creek and Buena Vista, then back up to Custer, Black Hills, South Dakota on our way home..11 days worth of traveling and overwhelming scenery.  I was thinking in the truck how much variety we have for landscaping and culture just in this country of ours..really not much reason to travel outside the United States to get a taste of almost every country in the world, both visually and ethnicity.  The only thing missing would be the wild animals there!  We saw tons of antelopes and deer, buffalo and birds we don't have in Minnesota.  The weather was absolutely perfect, warm days and cool nights, blue sunny skies much of the time.  Except for missing my kids and grandkids, and a lack of steady income, I could live like this until I couldn't any longer. Dave likes to "gold hunt" and so he did some of he is gathering some "stuff" to pan out this winter when the piles of snow provide not much else to do..


  1. Sounds like a beautiful trip. I love mountains and beautiful scenery. This time of year is nice to travel. Fewer tourists and the cooler weather for hiking. It's been a few years since we visited the Black Hills and Colorado.

    1. Yes, it really was a perfect time of year this year, hardly any people around in the campgrounds and the weather was gorgeous. supposed to be getting snow though today Shellie said!