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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Granddaughter, Samantha Rae, wants to make a quilt for her room

My granddaughter, Sam came into some money via her paternal grandpa (he bought Kyle, my grandson, a gun so gave Sam cash to compensate the deal) and she decided to redo her room into a more "grownup (she's 12) aged room to take her through her teen years.  Her room had been done in pastels with flowers etc with the white furniture look.  She also has decided she does not like flowers anymore in her d├ęcor.  Her and her mom, my daughter, Shellie, scoured through the internet and found a zig-zag/chevron type pattern that suited her fine.  She also decided she wants to make her quilt for the room with my help.  She did make her first quilt this late summer for a 4H project, a patchwork doll quilt that she tied and she did a really precise job on it, so I said ok..let go for it!  Yesterday we went shopping for the fabric, and after at least an hour or more and a few tears here and there..tears/smiles/tears/smiles..(like I said she's 12) we finally settled on the following fabric and we were both very happy..(step 1 and 2 of the process done!  More will follow as her room takes shape (and probably more tears/smiles/tears/smiles...

Sam has been putting in some more time into her quilt..she spent the weekend and got all her rows made and laid out to sew together now..still lots of work ahead, but at least now she can see how the finished quilt will look! 

and finally the rows and border is on..ready to go to the quilter to sandwich the top, batting and backing together! 

The quilt is back from the machine quilters home..I love the stitch design she used..circles like the ones in the brown fabric.  so cute on it!
 Today, 2/1/15, Sam can finally get her binding and label on her quilt.  Below are pictures of the steps she took (for her 4H booklet) to make and put on the binding.  She will have lots of hours coming up to hand sew it down on the backside of the quilt, but she did get the label sewn down on the back so that one step further she is done with! 

First we had to cut the binding fabric in 2-1/2 inch strips (we cut 8 of them)
Then they had to be sewn together in one continuous strip by putting the right sides together and diagonally sewing them..

Then had to trim off the  1/4 inch

Then opened it up so it was a straight piece of fabric again and on to next strip to add on the same way until all were added..

Then Sam had to iron the seams flat and fold it all in half for a doubled binding

Then she had to fold one end in and close it again

and lastly had to find the middle of the quilt bottom, lay the raw edge of the binding strip even with the edge and start sewing it down about 3-4 inches past that point..the corners were a little more complicated, but no picture taken of those..

 Sam, sewing down the binding and her room is finally finished with her new quilt on her bed! 3/16/15

Ta DA!!!

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