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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Variations of Banana Bread posted below:

I volunteered to make something to bring to work on Friday for the monthly Nurse Practitioner meeting because there weren't many people who signed up.  It's a morning meeting, so usually people bring food for a light "breakfast" to go with their coffee.  Kim, my daughter, has been bringing over tons of bananas that are getting ripe lately and I have been tossing them in the freezer whole to use for banana baking, so decided to make some more of the banana bread since I had those and some buttermilk still to use up.  I made 4 large loaves by tripling the batch in the recipe below.  Two of them are plain, one with chocolate chips and one with pecans chopped up in it.  I am sure they will enjoy these on Friday..I am bringing butter and cream cheese frosting with in case those also appeal to them on it!

ADDENDUM:  I tried the recipe today, but omitted the nutmeg, added a little coconut, white chocolate chips, about half a jar of cut up, drained maraschino cherries, and some sliced almonds and it is really yummy.  it would be great at Christmas time with both the unflavored green and red cherries in it for variation.

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