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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Variations of Banana Bread posted below:

I volunteered to make something to bring to work on Friday for the monthly Nurse Practitioner meeting because there weren't many people who signed up.  It's a morning meeting, so usually people bring food for a light "breakfast" to go with their coffee.  Kim, my daughter, has been bringing over tons of bananas that are getting ripe lately and I have been tossing them in the freezer whole to use for banana baking, so decided to make some more of the banana bread since I had those and some buttermilk still to use up.  I made 4 large loaves by tripling the batch in the recipe below.  Two of them are plain, one with chocolate chips and one with pecans chopped up in it.  I am sure they will enjoy these on Friday..I am bringing butter and cream cheese frosting with in case those also appeal to them on it!

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