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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Joe's camper dishtowels

Once a year I have been taking the grandkids on a small mini vacation with me.  I only have one grandson, Kyle, at this point anyway, and so since we split up the vacations as a "boy" vacay and a "girl" vacay with grandma, it's just him, my son, Joe, and myself.   Kyle likes fishing and the outdoors, so we have been going somewhere where we can do just that.  This year we went to Joe's "retreat" and were gone for 4 days last week up there.  Here is Kyle doing his fishing.

During that time I started some dishtowels for Joe's camper.  (Last year I crocheted him two potholders-it rained the whole time that year).  I like to have a project to do in the evenings or if it rains, so since he needs dishtowels in there that's what I brought with to do.  This year the weather was gorgeous, so I only got one done, but have 4 more stamped and ready to work on during my lunch hours at work or watching TV- whenever I get the chance.  I will add them to this post as I get them finished. Here is #1, both Joe and Kyle picked this one first and Joe hung it up to use immediately when it was finished on his stove handle.  Success! 

2nd dishtowel!

3rd dishtowel, 5/19/16
4th dishtowel 1/21/17

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