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Saturday, August 16, 2014

"Girls" weekend, camping at Bunker Hills Activity Center

I'm finally done, after 3 hours, of cleaning the camper good for the first time since the trip from hell last winter down south! I somehow had managed to pull out all the bedding etc and wash that up after we came back, but the rest of it needed a good wash down and had to make the bed up again. brought in all the silverware etc to throw in the dishwasher and it will be ready to take for the "girls" camping weekend starting tomorrow. whew! now to clean myself up and go get the ...groceries to stock it up. While I was in there is took some pictures of two of the throws I made about 10 years ago for in there that I also had washed. When I made them I wasn't that impressed with them, just something to put in the camper for naps and extra covering (I have a big one on the bed too that I didn't photograph), but you know what? they have grown on me so thought I'd take a picture of them for you. the darker one is a yellow brick road pattern and the mauve and cream one is an Irish chain..Now to get cleaned up myself and hit the road for the groceries to stock it up with..more pictures of the trip to follow once they happen!

We're back from the Bunker HIlls camping trip with the girls. Thanks everyone who hoped for good weather for us! We were in a pocket where it only rained once the last day for about 10 minutes if that, so the girls got to put on 45 miles on... their bikes riding trails in the park and go for 4 hours to the water park there, have a campfire for s'mores, go to Minnesota's largest candy store in Jordan, shop for new school tennis shoes, eat out at pizza ranch-our yearly tradition, play board games, watch movies, and eat like queens in the camper (one night we had a crab leg and wild rice soup supper-two of their favorites)..I am sure Kim and I gained 5 lbs each, unfortunately! All in all another fun annual trip since 2007! Here are a few highlights from the mini vacation of 2014..


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