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Saturday, August 6, 2016

Peach Jam

I decided to make a batch of peach jam since I had just gotten a crate of Colorado peaches and thought I'd make something I could get that great peach flavor from this winter too.  I kind of blended a few recipes together I had found and used the "new" (at least to me)Sure Jell for less or no sugar added jams and jellies.  It was super simple and gelled up really nicely.  Dave said it tasted like peach pie.. Here's the recipe I made:

In a large kettle:
Combine 4-1/2 cups finely diced ripe (peeled and pitted) peaches (about 9 larger peaches), 1 envelope of the Sure Jel described above that is combined with 1/4 cup sugar, and the juice of 1 fresh lemon..(no 

Bring to a boil on high heat, stirring constantly, until it stays boiling even when stirred.  add 2-3/4 cups more sugar, 1 tsp cinnamon,  plus 1/2 tsp butter to prevent it from foaming, and when it comes back to a boil- boil it for one full minute more.  Remove from the heat and spoon into 6 clean hot jelly jars-mine held 1 cup of jam, so half pints..put on clean lids and rings and put in a canner with warm water on a rack.  Bring to a boil  and lightly boil for 10 minutes.  remove onto a doubled towel until all pop and seal.  I leave them until morning.  Mine actually popped almost immediately. 

I wash my jars in the dishwasher to sterilize them and use them right out of the hot dishwasher so the hot jam doesn't crack them..tip of the day.

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