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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Lots of eggs to use.

I stopped at Aldi last week to stock up on fruits and veggies (I love their prices on produce!) and noticed they had dozens of large eggs for only 69 cents each, limit of 6.  Well, I couldn't pass up on that, so I bought 6 thinking my son or daughters maybe could use some eggs too.  Guess what, all of them had just bought eggs, and one of them had gotten them also at, I have 6 dozen to use up.  We will be eating lots of hard boiled eggs and egg salad, potato salad, baking and just eating them..LOL.  I started my official use of them today as I had some to use up from another carton at home besides!  I just read how eggs are so good for you and your hair and body so I guess it's a good thing.  I am going to post the things I make with them just for something to do!  It shouldn't be a big problem as when my kids were really young I used to buy a case of farm fresh eggs all the time from a local chicken farmer and that is 12 dozen, of course there were 5 of us eating them at that time.  Here is what I put together for breakfast this morning..high protein and tasted really good to me!  It's cubed ham fried in a little Pam spray with a little diced onion (green onion would be good too), about 4-5 cherry tomatoes, a handful of baby spinach chopped and some mushrooms until browned a little and cooked, then topped it with two eggs and added a little water and covered so the eggs could basically steam cooked on medium low. 

1 dozen hard boiled eggs (some already used for egg salad sandwiches and just plain old eating!
a quick "brunch" of a leftover baked potato, onions, diced ham and eggs on my Saturday to myself!

An egg salad sandwich for my lunch with BBQ chips..

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