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Saturday, May 14, 2016


I seem to make chili a little different every time I make it and every time it tastes a little different.  This week I made a batch of it so Dave and I could have some of it for supper that night (it's been chilly up here again this week) and there would be enough for the guys to take fishing with them besides.  For some reason it turned out really good, at least to us, this time, so I am writing it down.  I didn't measure things exactly, but hopefully it will be close.  You can always go up or down on ingredients to suit your taste, but remember the flavors intensify with simmering it for a while. 


1 lb or ground beef-I tend to like the leaner beef because I think it tastes more beefy and I don't like a ton of grease in my food.
2 cans of chili beans-I use the mild ones- (the ones with the chili sauce in them-this time I used the brand from Aldi) I don't like kidney beans-too big and they have a tough skin to me).
2 stalks of celery chopped in thin, kind of small slices.
1/2 of a medium yellow onion, chopped finely.
1 large can of whole tomatoes..I like these because I squeeze them with my hand to break them up into the pot andthen I can remove the hard core from them and toss those..cores are yucky in food.
1 medium sized can of tomato sauce
about 1/2 tsp cumin
about 1 tsp garlic powder
about 1 to 1-1/2 tsp granulated sugar-this helps to cut the acidity of the tomatoes
a pinch or two of cayenne pepper according to your taste
salt and pepper to taste

there was enough chili powder in the beans so I didn't add any, but again use your judgement-chili powder can ruin the chili if it's overpowering. 

Brown the hamburger until it's thoroughly cooked and a little caramelized with the onions and celery, salt and pepper.  Dump in everything else, stir and let simmer..adding more salt and pepper and adjusting the seasonings..start out low on the seasonings as above, and add if you think it needs anything later on once it's cooked a little while.  I usually simmer on lower heat, stirring occasionally, for about an hour, but you can cook as long as you want, or add to a crockpot and cook all day on low if that's easier for you.  Here's what Joe did with his batch..I love chili dogs! 

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