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Wednesday, December 16, 2015


Every year we exchange little gifts at work.  Last year I made my mini loaves of cherry almond bread (recipe posted previously) that went over great..most people didn't even share theirs, just ate it themselves because they loved it so much!, so this year  decided to make something again that I am hoping they wil enjoy over the holidays or just on a cold winter night at home relaxing.  It's a recipe I found for homemade peppermint cocoa mix.  It makes a huge batch and since I have about 12 people to give to, I bought little holiday tins that I will put a packet of cocoa mix in zip locks in with a few candy canes to stir it with.  You don't have to add peppermint candy to the mix and you can add different flavored coffee creamers to vary the taste also or just leave it plain for a great hot chocolate. I added a whole box of candy canes crushed because it didn't seem like enough to me on her recipe.  One lady suggested as a gift to include some mini marshmallows and mini chocolate chips on top of each package..I made some peppermint hot cocoa last year around this time when the grandkids were over and Kyle loved it. He was asking if I had any when he was over last time, so guess I'd better save enough for a cup for him the next time he stops over! 

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