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Thursday, July 2, 2015


I just picked up this quilt yesterday from my wonderful creative machine quilter, Tracey Fearon.  If you ever need something like this done, she is the lady to go to.  There is a story behind this was one I made during a day sewing with my friend, Leslie, when we didn't know what to make so decided to use our stash of Christmas fabrics, cut a lot of the smaller pieces into 2-1/2 inch strips and make a Christmas quilt with a free pattern she had brought over as an option to do that day.  Anyway, neither of us were that thrilled with the end result and hence my top sat up in a closet for probably at least 3 years until I cleaned the closet a few months ago and re-found it and decided to finally just get it quilted and donate it, or something..anyway, Tracey saved it!  she used two different techniques and put holly and berries on the border and words and pictures all over the rest of it that say things, like stars, elves, Santa, etc with the pictures of each.  It is adorable in life!  I am showing the back so you can see the pictures better, but the words are mirror image of course..I love it..think it will go to a little grandson for his bed at Christmas time now, after I sew down the binding..

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