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Friday, July 17, 2015

2015 Trip with all the Grandkids to Leech Lake=Fun!

Just made it back from a short 3 day trip with the grandkids and daughter, Shellie-Michelle Kleven at Chase on the Lake, Walker, Minnesta. We lucked out and no big storms and pretty good weather, so Shellie got to get out fishing with her guide friend, Bob, on Wednesday, and the kids and I did the pool, beach and shopping/eating. We had a gorgeous room, balcony and had a ton of fun. On the way back we hit 3 quilt shops and the new state park up by Crosby. Now that is a beautiful park.....they have tons of mountain bike trails at all levels..some looked way scary to us. We had a picnic by one of the lakes (the lakes are formed from the old mining operations up there and are super deep, but have fish in them and a lot of people deep sea dive there) and drove up to a lookout point..beautiful.  They do have a campground, but it's not much yet..has an old showerhouse though and hookups for those interested. Now the kids are with me until Sunday morning..stuffed them with pizza so they'd sleep long and hard tonight! Granny needs it..LOL..

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