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Sunday, June 7, 2015

An icky job-redoing the basement bedroom

I havent' been on here much because I forced myself to start a project I have been trying my best to gather steam and do for some time now..years actually.  There is a "cave" room downstairs that has always been the sought after room to sleep in for some unknown reason to me.  I keep hearing it is dark, quiet and private and they love the OLD spring bed down there and they sleep like babies on it.  Anyway, since now it's basically overflow sleeping and it has never been updated since the 80's when I must have been brain dead and put up gaudy, ugly wallpaper thinking it was cool, I am finally bringing it up to the 21st century for those overflowers who want to be down there.  It's probably going to be a while before the final picture..but so far I've gotten this far..Still have to scrape off the undercoat of the wallpaper, which actually isn't that hard, just get it wet and get it scrapped off "gently" so I don't wreck the wall underneath, fill about 8,234 holes from kids hanging stuff on them for almost 40 years, sand it, scrub it, and paint the ceiling, walls, and get a new floor in there, paint the old bed and makeshift freestanding "closet" Dave made and trim white..and on and on, but someday it will get done!  Just too many dang work days in my life..

weeks later, but I finally scrubbed down the remaining remnants of glue etc and ready to spackle tomorrow and maybe paint the ceiling..hopefully this project will be done in the next week! 

Pretty much done!  Just want to make a welcome banner for over the hooks on that wall with leftover fabric from the quilt..

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