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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Coffee Cozies Day

My daughter, Kim, asked me to make her a copy cat coffee cozy like her daughter's friend bought at Caribou Coffee.  She found a pattern online and forwarded it to me a month ago and today, due to the fact that it's cold, rainy and I was in the mood, I made one.  I am thinking it's cute, but not sure if it's supposed to have a bottom in it or not.  This pattern does have it closed at the bottom, so waiting to see what she says and then will see if I have to rework the pattern a little to have an open bottom, which won't be that hard.  They are super fast and soft.  The little hand warmer on the side is the main reason she wanted this style.  Anyway, here's the test run..we'll see if there is a second one posted later on depending on her response..
They seemed to want the both ends open style, so made another yellow one and a requested gray one for Alana..tonight I will probably make some more up since they are fast for quick gifts for coffee can even add a gift card in the hand slot area..


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