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Sunday, January 24, 2016

On a "roll" with bread dough items

You can obviously tell it's winter in Minnesota because I am always thinking about fresh baked bread items-something to pack on the fat to keep me warm, I guess.  Today I got the urge to pull out the bread machine again and make up some of my "dinner roll" dough, but didn't want to make a tons of rolls because it will only be me, Dave and Joe for supper tonight and I like them best fresh, s decided to make some cinnamon rolls and dinner rolls with the batch so they get eaten quickly.  I have posted this recipe in the past, so won't repeat it.  it's great for caramel rolls or whatever flavor you want for the filling.  They are supposed to be a breakfast item for tomorrow, but I couldn't resist having one of them a few minutes ago while they were still warm and super soft.  (I tried to pick the smallest one though!)  yummy!  Here is a photo shoot of the finished products..I am thinking the guys will be happy tonight...I am roasting a chicken, having stuffing, mashed potatoes, corn and homemade cranberry sauce to go with the dinner rolls..I have been craving that meal this week and whatever meat doesn't get eaten will be quesadillas tomorrow night-easy Monday night meal.

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