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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Harry Potter Day with the grandkiddos

In my family we all like Harry Potter books/movies, so this weekend we decided to have a Harry Potter marathon and watch all the movies and have the food etc centered around Harry Potter.  (I had the 3 grandkids and one of Kyle's friends, Alex over). Well, we only "kinda" watched 3 of the movies, but did eat and homemade "chips" and coleslaw for lunch, a bag of Harry Potter treats for dessert, chocolate frogs, all flavored jelly beans, jellied slugs, and pop rocks with suckers for exploding pops while they watched the first movie.  Then the boys decided they wanted to go sled and build a fort outside in the frozen weather, and the girls made "wands" for everyone.  We had done a quiz on the internet and everyone found out what house they were in, so they made 4 wands, one for each person representing the house they were.  Dave made wands out of some sticks he had and painted them black and then the girls went to work designing them.  picture below of the final products.  In the afternoon I made some homemade chocolate ice cream for sundae's after supper and a loaf of my wild rice cranberry bread for a "feast" at night which was supposed to be around the table with candlelight, but they wanted to eat in the livingroom and watch more movies and didn't want any pictures all day.  They are in the anti-picture mode (except selfies, I guess).  Anyway, the day went good.  They stayed from Friday night and will be leaving tonight, so their moms have a long Valentines weekend ALONE..I am sure they are enjoying that.  Here is  picture of the feast, the wands and kinda picture of Sam and Alana making wands, and Kyle and Alex with video games..electronics-not a Harry Potter item..LOL

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