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Saturday, January 9, 2016

The Making of a Mermaid blanket/afghan for Olivia

My niece asked that someone make her daughter, my great niece, a Mermaid afghan.  They have been the rage lately and so I thought I'd tackle one for her.  She is a very girly girl, so I am using sparkly yarn for the fin section (what mermaid wouldn't want/have a few sparkles on her fins. the rest will be the colors of the sea for main tail.  As usual these days I am not the fastest at getting things done, but she doesn't know about it yet, so I do have ample time.  I have to make two fin sections to put together-they use it to put their feet in to keep toasty and I did manage to get one section done tonight, and will be starting on the other one in a minute while I watch TV.  I will post more pictures when it's done!

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