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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Chicken Soup with White and Wild Rice

There is a chance of snow during the night tonight and it's rainy and cold today, so, since I had a whole chicken in my freezer, I thought I'd make a pot of soup for supper..Joe said he'd pick some up and Dave can make a grilled cheese if he wants one or eat his crackers and butter with it.  I will just eat it the way it is and be totally happy!  Joe and I are trying to lose some pounds, so you may be seeing less baking and more soups and lower cal meals on here coming up for a I love soups this time of year anyway and there are a million good ones out there!  I am not going to repost the whole recipe..if  you do a search above and write in soup it should come up with the recipe I posted for chicken noodle soup and this is basically the same except I had a box of Uncle Ben's white and wild rice in my cupboard, so I reserved the seasoning packet to use another time on something and dumped in the box of seems to be the perfect amount. 

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