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Sunday, October 25, 2015


I've been looking for a few days for different dessert recipes for a little party we are having at work tomorrow.  I said I'd bring the dessert and others are doing other things..It's a belated party and hopefully will be a surprise so I can't tell who it's for on here.  Anyway, I came up with 3 choices and bought ingredients for all three, but settled on this one because it just looked so darn good to me!  It pretty much did it for me with using Lorna Doone cookies in the crust and topping, and I liked the idea of fruity things since we usually have chocolate something or another for these events.   I used two pie fillings half blueberry and half peach in mine so they had a choice and instead of using the pecans in the middle, I put them on top with the crushed cookies.  Other than that I did it the same as the recipe.  The filling is really good, not sour at all like some cream cheese fillings.  As long as you have  your ingredients at room temp it will go fast and easy for you!  Here's the link to the recipe:

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