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Saturday, October 24, 2015

Baby Aiden's baby blanket finally finished!

Ta Da!  I told myself when I went to bed last nght that I was going to get up and do nothing else but finish this baby afghan before Aiden went to college.  I did decide mid morning though that it was probably a good idea to get dressed, comb my hair and brush my teeth when someone decided to come and knock on my door and I looked like I was dressed in a Halloween costume with my hair really wacked out and in my housecoat. BUT, I did stick to it and finished the last of the crocheting and wove in the zillions of ends!  I am so happy to have one of my 4 unfinished projects done and I am sure his mom will appreciate having it with the weather turning chillier and chillier besides.  Tomorrow I have to make a costume for my granddog, Milo, and sew a belly on Alana's deer costume for Halloween..(her friends and her are going as a herd of deer with a hunter.  If she sends me a picture I will post it later-I think they will look adorable.  Anyway, here is the latest and greatest completion!

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