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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Early Thanksgiving

We are having our family Thanksgiving today early since one family had other plans for Thanksgiving on the actual day.  It will be at my daughter Kim's house, and she will be making the turkey over there, so I am making a more "travelable" meat..the ham.  Since I made this ham my kids, especially grandson, Kyle, insist that this is the only ham we serve..I tore the recipe out of a Country Living magazine, so am posting this for you as well as myself in case it gets too damaged or destroyed to read in the future.  The glaze is the best!  I didn't think Cola (I use Coke) would make any kind of decent glaze, but it really does.  Can't wait to have some today!  I am going to try scanning the page so you can see the picture of it done..I have never been able to capture it because they start carving it immediately once it's done and there is never time!  Here goes.  Oh, and just in case you are wondering, because I did, you leave it uncovered the whole time until you let it rest at the end, then cover it with foil (after taking it out of the oven).


  1. This looks really good! Smart of you to scan the recipe : )

  2. It is a really good ham recipe..really moist and flavorful, but the glaze doesn't take over the ham taste like some do..