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Sunday, November 20, 2016

Sewing up some Korn Kernel bags for Kim's coworkers Christmas gifts

Daughter, Kim, started a new job this fall in a pediatric dental office.  She really likes it there and they do a lot of gathering together for birthday's and any other reason they can think of to get together and make the day go good.  They are doing a little gift exchange for Christmas and she asked me for ideas because there is a lower monetary limit and although the group is smaller it still added up.  I suggested these corn bags because a woman at my work makes them and sells them like hotcakes..people love them.  They use them for stiff shoulders, wrists, knees, backs and sometimes just to warm up because it's cold in the office in the winter.  You just heat them up in the microwave for a couple minutes and they stay warm a long time.  We decided to make them longer than hers though for a nicer neck drape and stability.  Hers are about 7 x 20 and we made ours 7 x 30.  I just cut some fabric 14" x 30, folded it in half lengthwise and used a tight zig-zag stitch so they'd be strong with the corn inside.  I left one short side open, Kim filled them about 1/3 full of dried whole corn (she got a 50 lb bag at Fleet Farm for like $8) and then I sewed the end shut with a straight stitch after folding in the end.  It went fast once we picked out fabric from my stash and figured out how much corn etc to put in them.  We made 11 of them in about 2 hours and she had enough corn to make probably 14 of them from that bag with our enlarged size.  I told her it would be fun to make different sizes for different body areas.  These can also be frozen for ice packs by the way.  Good way to use up fabric.  They can be made with either cotton or flannel fabric, both breath well. 

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