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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Eggs in the Hole for Breakfast

I felt like eggs this morning, so I made a dish from long ago that I used to make on occasion.  I haven't made this for years, but don't know why because it's a one dish wonder and kind of fun to eat besides!  I happened to have some left over French bread so I used a thicker slice of that, cut out an oval shaped hole in the middle for the egg to sit in, melted some butter in a non-stick fry pan and browned the one side of the bread, meanwhile putting an egg in the hole to start setting it.  Then when the one side was browned I carefully flipped it over to cook the egg the rest of the way and also brown that side.  You have to use a medium to medium low heat so they don't burn before the egg is soft cooked.  You can eat it this way, or add your favorite French toast topping..I added some maple syrup on mine and it was yummy!  Fun for kids and for adults!

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