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Sunday, July 17, 2016

A New Summer Banner for My Cube at Work

About a month ago, or so, my granddaughter Sam came over to make her 4H project for this year for the fair, and while she was working away on her table topper I decided to sew a new welcome banner for my cube at work.  I really didn't have a summery one yet and the spring one with the tulips and umbrella just was not working anymore.  I did get the whole top finished, but never did get the final touches like quilting it and putting on the binding.  I decided yesterday to get myself in gear and finish it before it is time for my fall one because summer is already speeding by and I was tired of looking at it on my cutting table downstairs reminding me that I have way too many works in progress.  I am calling the quilting on it "whimsical" because it's freestyle and kind of messy on the flowers and letters, but it works to hold the applique down and kind of suits it for some reason!  I will be glad to have something bright and new at work..suppose that means I should clean the rest of my cube huh? 
oh, and here is Sam with her 4H project-she quilted it this year by herself too..I wanted her to have some experience on how to finish her's just some basic diagonal lines, but she didn't get any puckers on the front or back and sewed nice and straight, so great job Sam!

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