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Monday, March 28, 2016

Pea Soup with Ham

My brother-in-law, Vern posted a picture of some split pea soup he was making last night from his leftover ham from Easter dinner, and made me decide to make some myself because it looked so good!  I went to Walmart at lunchtime and planned on getting my usual pea soup "kit" with the peas and seasoning all in it and throw some ham and carrots in, but they didn't have it, so I grabbed a lb package of peas and there was a recipe on the back.  I came home and threw it together and it's wonderful so I am sharing it.  Cheap to make a big pot of something hearty and warm besides using up leftover ham, so a big win, win.  Here's the recipe..
1 lb dry green split peas.
1 chicken cube - I used my liquid chicken base in a jar, about a Tablespoon.
1 packet Saz'on Goya (plain) This is a Mexican seasoning-look in that section-it's in a little box with like 2 packets in it. 
1/4 lb or more if you desire, ham, diced small
1 small onion diced finely
1 clove garlic minced (I used the minced fresh garlic in a jar, about a measuring tsp of it)
1 medium carrot peeled and diced in little cubes
pepper (I didn't add any salt because of the ham and seasoning packet)  add it after it's done if you want more salt.
8 cups of water.
Add everything in a larger kettle, bring to a boil and then to a low boil.  cook until peas are tender..mine took about 1 hour.

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