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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Deer Pillow

My friend, Leslie, gave me an idea for a door prize that I wanted to contribute for our December "Christmas" party at work so today I bought the things I needed and put it together.  I just bought a cheap 16" square pillow form, some canvas and a plaid guys shirt since they didn't have the plaid I wanted at Walmart.  For the back I just made a French pillow/envelope style opening since I didn't want to invest in a zipper for a donation project and this will work just fine.  The canvas background is more tannish/cream than this picture, and the I used the plaid flannel on the back as well as the deer.  I am going to make myself two of them hopefully for the holiday season on my couch because I really like how they turned out...thanks Leslie for the idea and tips and "checking out the supplies at Walmart"!

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