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Sunday, November 22, 2015

Cowl to a hat in one easy step!

We are having a December party at work and they asked for craft donations for door prizes.  WELL, I decided I'd make a cowl from a blog site I follow (free pattern) and when it was done I just wasn't that keen on it..I should have made it a lot longer before sewing it together, but she never stated how long it should be, even after asking her the question, just to use up so much yarn, which I did.  I am sure her yarn must have been larger balls, because mine was more like a turtleneck..anyway, I kept looking at it and looking at it, and decided I needed a warm hat for my car stash in case I broke down this winter or went in a snowbank, so transformed it into a hat!  I actually love it.  it's soft and warm and big enough to pull way down on my head.  Now, to make something else for the party..?? (the hat colors are closer to the real thing..

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