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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Egg Rolls for the freezer

Joe has been after me for a while to make up some of my "Czechoslovakian" (meaning my version) of eggrolls, so I told him he had to help me fry them because making giant batches of them makes my back sore now that I am old!  He was willing, so today we made up 50 or so of them.  Of course, I forgot to make the step by step photos like I had planned to do next time I made them, so this will only be a picture and NEXT time I make them I definitely will post a recipe of sorts and the daughter Kim wrote down the ingredients from watching me some time in the past, so I could get that from her also..I just dump in the seasonings until it "smells" right to me, but hers taste like mine, so it's pretty accurate.  Anyway, until the photos etc come, here is a picture of my taste test sample...I froze packets of 6 each for when I make oriental food for dinner, because my eggrolls are our favorite!

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